The Penthouse Party Ladies
Creamy Stevens Creamy Stevens is co-producer of Starshine Burlesque in the East Village, which has been running weekly since 2002. She also appears frequently at The Slipper Room, and at other shows such as Wasabassco, Pinchbottom Productions, Le Scandal, and Sweet N' Nasty Burlesque. Creamy enjoys a good steak, rhinestones, and crushing the dreams of the young.

RunAround Sue RunAround Sue. Out of the southern soil and the coalminin' dust came this southern beauty with a solid shake. It was in her early years, which she spent with her mama running from the law, that Sue learned the power of running around and giving a good shake. And after laying low with the outlaws, RunAround came to believe that everyone should be made to feel comfortable, because at the end of the day all anyone wants is the good life.

RunAround Sue began running around long before she was drinking whiskey (and trust me folks that was pretty young). Born out of the Virginia Soil and the West Viriginia Coalmines, she began shaking it at early age while running from the law with her mama. When she was old enough to make it out her own, she hightailed it to the big city where her sense of southern hospitality soothes many a broken heart. Catch her if you can.... [more]