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Jack Fetterman Jack Fetterman created In Hi-Fi at Bar d'O with Scott Springer in 1996, the quintessential lounge party in New York City and hang-out for the neo-easy listening cognoscenti. Other gigs include P.S. 2 Warm Up DJs, Don Hill's, The Kahiki Tiki Restaurant, The Fez, Luxuriamusic, Bombshell! Burlesque, "The Party" at RiFiFi, and Starshine Burlesque. Jack is currently producing his own music and has tracks appearing on the Juan Garcia Esquivel remix album, in collaboration with Peter Principle, as well as Two Zombies Later and Interplanetary Materials on the Comfort Stand label. The Jack Fetterman remix of Don Tiki's "Heat (Tabuzak Mix)" appears on the album Don Tiki Adulterated. Jack's current favorite cocktail is a dry Beefeater Gibson, but is known to drink Mai Tais as the climate turns tropical.

Peter Principle Peter Principle has designed music for a wide assortment of venues and clients for stage and synch, as well as on-site installations. In fact, he has also been a record enthusiast since earliest memory, and besides owning and selling a few truckfuls in his chequered past, he has recorded quite a few of his own, as well as assisting others in a variety of capacities from producer to compiler to recordist. He has been sharing this enthusiasm via any conduit he can squeeze into, including radio DJ stints and spinning for the public at parties like In Hi-Fi with cohost Jack Fetterman, a partner with whom he has also made music, most recently featured on the Esquivel! Remixed double CD on BMG.

Besides releasing four solo albums to date, he has been a member of the multidisciplined pan national group Tuxedomoon for over 25 years, and has appeared as a guest musician on at least twenty releases globally. As consultant, he has contributed in one way or another to compilations like Hush Little Robot (Bruce Haack), and Doob Doob A Rama (premier Bollywood compilation), Electronic Toys 2, Asian Takeaways, and U-Spaces' Psychedelic Archaeology series. So as not to appear too one dimensional, it should be noted that Mr. Principle is a visual artist and widely read with an enthusiasm for knowledge and experiences of many types... he pontificates on almost anything from ancient history to the 21st century metaphysics, if encouraged.

The Meat Mistress Anita "The Meat Mistress" Serwacki a.k.a. DJ Meat Mistress, by day she toils at a digital tier cable network doing things that don’t make sense to most anyone. By night she makes Stoli and gee-gaw money writing jokes. But one night a week...she is NYC’s #1 DJ (as recently voted by readers of NY Press). Since 2003, she has been resident spin-mistress for the hottest nudie review ticket in town - Starshine Burlesque - "the patented home of boobs and amazement".

She is a veteran of In Hi-Fi at Bar d’O, Soundtracks for Drinking and Bombshell! Burlesque, was a regular guest DJ and contributor for Luxuriamusic Mach 1, and founder of/participant in numerous short lived parties about which we’d all rather forget. The Meat Mistress also drags her DJ equipment out in front of her house once a year for the summer block party and begrudgingly fulfills requests for Metallica and Kelis. Some consider it a touching act of musical charity to promote neighborhood harmony.

Outside of this photo, you will never see The Meat Mistress without her shirt on again.

Tothar Tothar beams in from the planet Akron, where he acts as DJ for The Beyondo Mondo Record Party (WAPS, 91.3 FM) and as music journalist for the Cleveland Free Times. He can occasionally be seen spinning space-age and now sounds at gigs around northeast Ohio. Tothar also serves as curator of the overdue-for-updates Three Suns Universe Web site and is proud as punch that Enoch Light was a local boy.

Sharaabi Kapoor Sharaabi Kapoor spent way too much time in the 70's and 80's watching masala movies at Bombay's Eros and Metro cinema palaces. Always a denizen of the cheap front row seats, Kapoor would wile away the time between features drinking Old Monk with his friends at dives like the Kit Kat on Dhobi Talau, arguing about who was hotter - Zeenat Aman or Parveen Babi.... or maybe a newcomer like Tina Munim - and who their favorite bad guys were. His love of disco made Bappi Lahiri his favorite music director, and he's seen almost every film starring "disco dancer" Mithun Chakraborty.

Kapoor began working as a DJ in the late 80's and hasn't looked back, or in front of him, either, since. The Sharaabster is not a member of the famous Kapoor clan of Bollywood, although he often thinks he is after he has a few glasses of Vat 69 in him. Kapoor has seen "Sholay" 9211 times.

Jonathan Ward Jonathan Ward, resident of Echo Park in Los Angeles, employee of a major research institution, is a writer (Cabinet, Perfect Sound Forever), an occasional DJ, and...sigh...another record collector. Another hapless nerd trapped underneath the crushing weight of his music fetish. Please let’s not encourage him. At some point there must be a stop to all the industrial musicals, the high school band records, Turkish prog 45s, the scores of scarce "ethnic" and vernacular 78s, the "only known copies".... Best just leave him alone to weep silently, and to think about what he’s done.

Jimmy Bee has been a DJ since 1974 when he first set foot into MIT's WTBS-FM, later to become WMBR following Ted Turner's 1978 purchase of the call letters. Since then he has also broadcast from WRBB at Northeastern University and WILD, Boston's only urban station. He has also provided music for countless celebrations as a mobile DJ beginning in 1979, and continues to book himself. His soul music knowledge credentials remain unchallenged to this day, but he is ready!

Jimmy has worked on producing two re-issues, AVI Records 1995 Skip Mahoaney and The Casuals release. The Casuals were a DC-based vocal group from the 1970's that strongly leaned on the then prevailing Philadelphia Soul sound of the 1970's. He also wrote liner notes for 1997's Crime Jazz: Music in the First Degree for Rhino Records. His remix of Don-Tiki's "The Natives Are Restless Tonight" appears on The Don Tiki Remix CD of 2002.

Jimmy Bee has had several guest DJ stints in Greenwich Village venues including Bar d'O and RiFiFi with In Hi-Fi.

Joe Flynn Joe Flynn. A little exotica and a little punk form my musical tastes today. In high school I sang in the glee club. Small wonder some years later I found myself liking Gordon Jenkins and the Ray Conniff Singers. I also collect Barrie figures ("World's Greatest Grandpa," etc.) and put out a religion zine called World Without End.

Don't have pic yet. Dennis Kelley. The obsessive nature of Dennis Kelley, co-host of Luxuria’s "Heroes and Villains" program, became apparent at an early age. While his friends carried baseball cards, Dennis lugged LPs under his arm along with his ever-present drumsticks. When kids his age were just getting turned on to The Monkees, Dennis was poring over the latest releases by The Who, Moby Grape, Procol Harum and other bands he and his two older brothers had just seen at the Fillmore East (along with the soundtrack LPs from his favorite TV show, "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."). Dennis became a musician at age 10 and never looked back. Over his 40-year career, he has opened for DEVO, recorded with Todd Rundgren, produced and performed on an episode of MTV Unplugged, and scored a feature-length video for The Church of the SubGenius. Today, music is still Dennis’s obsession. In addition to DJing on LuxuriaMusic and at RiFiFi in NYC, he continues to play rock 'n' roll with his high school bandmates in a group called BooneScuttle5, while making a living as a teacher and voice-over actor. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Margie, two beagles and thousands of records--very few of which were made after 1970.

Gaylord Fields Gaylord Fields

Ron DJ Fresh Prince of Darkness