The Penthouse Party Schedule
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January 2007

Jack Fetterman
Anita (the Meat Mistress) Serwacki
Gaylord Fields
Peter Principle

Evocative Music, Elegant Women, and Exotic Cocktails: Live On!

Beginning with the October 2006 installment, Quiet City: Radio in Hi-Fi joined the other live broadcasts happening at We think we are doing something a little different, however, and we are calling it "The Quiet City Penthouse Party."

We've always had a party going here at the in Hi-Fi "penthouse," New York, while the Quiet City broadcasts took place. Now that we are streaming live, we thought why not stream the whole party? Creamy Stevens of Starshine Burlesque will be shimmying on our go-go stage, The World of Style Vintage is loaning us their Model Squad, DJs will be spinning and guests will be chatting and yes, drinking! - live on two webcams. So why not join the party? Make a pitcher of your favorite cocktail (so you don't have to get up) and tune into "The Quiet City Penthouse Party" on the third Wednesday of each month 9:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m. EST. Have one on us!